Brighter and bolder is better!

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Brighter and bolder is better!

That is what the Picton BIA decided in giving Picton’s identity a refresh. An identity that will be used on a number of applications and marketing initiatives developed through the association’s office.

For years, some of the key services offered by the BIA in Picton have included promotions and streetscape enhancement initiatives. Promotional initiatives include Picton’s Guide to Shops and Services and the Experience Picton website The streetscape initiatives include, but are not limited to, the banners hung on the light standards in the downtown core and Beautification program.

In 2014, the BIA Board of Management, with newly appointed members, made a decision to change the face of Picton. “Originally we were looking for a new logo for the Business Improvement Association”, explains Lyndsay Richmond, Manager of the Picton BIA. “It can become challenging to develop a new logo for an association who requires imagery suitable for several applications (signs, banners, print materials, and letter head) and who also promotes the town itself”.

At the same time this decision was made, the BIA was in the midst of redeveloping a cleaner looking Guide to Shops and Services and a complimentary visitor friendly website. “The priority was to develop a tools that were easier for the visitor to use in locating the businesses and services they were looking for, while prioritizing great photography and content from Picton”, explains Trevor Crowe, BIA Marketing Chair.

This led to the development and design of a full set of images that can be used for the various purposes of the BIA. “We engaged a local County design team, Vaughan Group, who have worked closely with the BIA staff and Marketing committee to create a brighter, bolder Picton, while keeping the elements of the town that have become integral to its identity as the “heart of the County””, adds Crowe. “The Vaughans have created our new logo, street banners, Guide to Shops and Services and the soon to be launched website along with the great photography to go with it! We are delighted with the end results and it has been great to work with the Vaughan team”.

“This has been a wonderful project to work on with the Picton BIA. Our goal was to create an impactful new logo, Visitor’s Guide and website that would showcase and profile the history, streetscape and member services of Picton in a new creative way”, says Barbara Vaughan of Vaughan Group.

“The logo and BIA banners tell a story about Picton, its rich history and buildings, while profiling the harbour and the whimsical feature of including the glider planes, that have been flying over the town for many years”, says David Vaughan.

“Both the Visitor’s Guide and the new responsive design website feature new photography of the town and County”, says Daniel Vaughan. “The interactive map and member pages on the website will support the BIA’s efforts for visitors to easily locate and learn more about where to shop, dine, indulge and explore the richness that Picton and the County has to offer”, says Daniel.

In addition to their own brand recognition, the BIA reached out to several event groups and associations in PEC to partner on the banner project in hopes of sharing costs. “We are pleased to have the participation of several of our local partners including: 99.3 County FM, Festival Players of Prince Edward County, Prince Edward County Wine Growers Association, Prince Edward County Music Festival and The Maker’s Hand”, says Richmond.

The banners will be hung Monday June 2nd, the Guides are already being distributed and the website will is scheduled to launch mid-June.

“This campaign has given Picton a stronger brand for the business community. We have really shifted our focus to improving our online presence as well, which is where consumers and visitors are doing their online research and trip planning”, says Crowe.

“The partnership and enthusiasm of the Marketing Committee and Streetscape Committee has been incredible”, says Richmond. “Without the time and commitment of the committee volunteers this project would not have been possible”.

Paul Hawkins, acting BIA Chair, explains that, “in order to bring a project like this to life you need to have engaged members and the BIA is fortunate to a have number of these in our community”.

In the coming weeks watch for the brand to come to life on the streets in downtown Picton!

Copies of the 2014 Picton Guide to Shops and Services can be picked up at the BIA office, 280 Main Street, Suite 103, Picton.

danielBrighter and bolder is better!

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